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Q: What types of parts do you sell?

Answer: We sell tons of parts ranging from rust repair panels to full OEM factory replacement parts for cars, trucks and SUV's old and new.

Q: I'm not in the United States of America, do you ship international?

Answer: At this time we are only shipping to the US, If you can make arrangements with a freight forwarder we would be more than happy to ship the package big or small directly to them in the US.
Canada? We do offer some of our products to ship direct to your door if you are located in Canada, to shop all eligible products click HERE
Q: What's the difference between "rust repair" or "slip-on" and factory "OEM"?
Answer: Rust repair style pieces are both cheaper and easier to install, slip-on rockers, for example, are designed to slip directly over top of the existing rocker for quick and easy rust repair. Factory style rockers are much more expensive because they're made using original OEM dyes and typically require full cut outs of the original rocker and need to be fully welded into place. However, the increased price also means greater coverage, full factory style pieces are designed to directly and fully replace the original part.
Q: How do I install a "slip-on" rocker?
Answer: There are many different ways you can install them. The more common way is to slip the new rocker panel over the top of the existing rocker and then attach it using automotive panel adhesive (glue), pop rivets, screws, spot welds, or any other method you feel will do the job. We make our slip-on rockers as easy to use as possible, so everyone regardless of skill level, feels comfortable working with and installing them. 


Q: What gauge steel do you use?

Answer: The steel gauge can range wildly from part to part. Some of our panels can be as thick as 14 gauge but most of the parts we sell will use standard 18-20 gauge steel. Slip on rockers for example are 20-22 gauge and the OEM style rockers can be 16-18 gauge.
Q: Can you make a custom part for my project?
Answer: No. We do not custom make or custom fabricate parts. We assess what new parts should be brought to market and share this information directly with our Manufacturers. We are always looking for new products to produce if you have ideas please send us a quick email HERE

Q: Do the parts come painted in color?

Answer: No. The parts are either unpainted steel or black primed.

Q: Do you offer free shipping?

Answer: Some products ship free, you can find this information listed on the product detail page of each item or at checkout.

Q: What could cause a delay in shipping?

Answer: The number one reason for a delay is because we’re backed up in the warehouse. While we do stock a lot of the items listed on our site in our Connecticut store, occasionally we have to ask our vendors for help fulfilling orders and they can be anywhere from 1-5 days backed up at any given time. If your order hasn’t shipped in 1-3 business days, then we’re likely just behind, but we’re filling the order as fast as we can!

Q: What is your return policy?

Answer: see our section "Shipping & Returns" for more information

Q: I have a business and am looking to do more than just place a single order. What is your wholesale policy? What are your discounts? Who should I contact?

Answer: Our discounts are based on frequency and volume of sales. If you’re looking to place larger orders with us, please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to explain our discount and freight policies. You can either email us at or call us at 1-866-235-0010